Human Body Muscle Diagram

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The human body muscles are the main contractile tissues of the body involved in movement. They cause motion and produce force that the body uses to move and manipulate the body. Each muscle also has its own blood supply, arteries and veins, alongside  its own nerve connections. Depending on the class of muscles we are looking at, or taken as a whole, the human body consists of around 640+ skeletal muscles.

There are three kinds of muscles we need to know about in the human body muscular system.

Firstly there is the skeletal muscle, which is used for locomotion and skeletal movement. These muscles are often anchored by Tendons.  A tendon is simply a fibrous connective tissues, from the muscles to the bone elements. A Ligament is often found in the joints of the body, and are connective fibrous tissues from bone to bone. The gluteal muscles are some of the largest in the human body and are classed as skeletal muscle because they help locomotion of the thighs during ambulation.

The second type of muscle is the Smooth Muscle. The smooth muscles are often found within the organs and structures of organs. These movements tend to be subconscious, and help in the normal regulation of the human body.

The third type of muscle is the Cardiac Muscle. The cardiac muscles are similar to the skeletal muscles. However, they are subconscious as the heart beats at a fast and steady rate.

The neck muscles and massive triangular muscles of the back stabilize the head and shoulders and permit a range of complex movements. The most powerful muscles in the body and those that run along the spine. They maintain posture and provide the strength for lifting and pushing.

The face muscles control a wide range of movements and are especially complex around the mouth and eyes.

Muscle material

Muscles are all made of the same material, a type of elastic tissue (sort of like the material in a rubber band). Thousands, or even tens of thousands, of small fibers make up each muscle.

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