Bone Callous Formation

  • Bone is living tissue that is continually broken down and rebuilt throughout a persons life.

  • Bone callous formation occurs when a bone is broken and repaired.

  • If a bone is broken it is able to re-grow and bridge the line of fracture with new tissue.

  • The repair mechanism is activated rapidly after injury but the actual full repair can take weeks

  • Once mended a broken bone may take months to regain its former strength.

How it happens:

When a bone is fractured the healing process begins immediately:

  • Blood from damaged vessels near the injury form a clot around the bone, preventing further bleeding.

  • Within days, cells known as fibroblasts start to build up fibrous tissue at the site.

  • This tissue build up is the formation of bone callous.

  • This bridges the gap between the broken bone ends, replacing the blood clot.

  • After about two weeks, spongy bone is deposited on the callous, filling in the gap and keeping the bone ends stable.

  • The damaged blood vessels heal and grow across the break. This bone will gradually become harder as more spongy tissue is deposited.

  • After about three months new compacted bone has replaced the callous.

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