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Hi, I'm Barney

Barney web sites are run by every day people passionate about their subject. Each Barney site is full of helpful information put together by individuals who have a passion for the subject they are writing about.

What if you could start a web business and be ahead of the game by being part of a network of web businesses that have been on line for years, already receive thousands of visitors and will help promote and make your business a success?

That's what Barney Web Sites are all about. Barney has a network of web sites that have been online for over five years. Barneys sites receive thousands of visitors every day and make thousands of pounds.

Barneys web sites are information based web sites that provide visitors with information they are looking for and make money for their owners from advertising, google adsense, and affiliate programs.

They do very well in search engines and get top listings because the content of each web site is unique and every single page is optimised to rank well in the search engines.

Search engines also rank sites well that have quality incoming links. Quality links are not links from link pages but links from other sites content pages. All Barney sites link to each other boosting each sites position in the search engines resulting in more visitors.

More visitors mean more money for the site owner.

Barneys web sites are not owned by any one company but by individuals just like you. Each site is originally created by Barney sites designer Laura Grey who has been making money online for years and knows what works. Each site is designed and built with unique content and optimised to rank well in the search engines.

Once built Barney sites are auctioned to the highest bidder. The auction winner then takes over the site and can develop it as they see fit and earn all of it's profits.

Barneys sites are very successful because each site has an individual owner who works to grow their site and their profit but they are also part of a network and when each individual site grows it benefits the whole network of Barney sites.

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