Anatomy Of Human Body

The anatomy of human body has so many structures and inner workings it is really fascinating. It is surprising how little we actually know about our own bodies.

Each organ and structure in the body fits together to make a complex functioning whole. No other system is so complex or as advanced.

the entire body - head to foot

Here you will find information on each area of  anatomy of the human body including common diseases and disorders and ways that they are treated. There are also recent articles on disease and advances in human body research. The site also illustrates major areas of the entire body from head to foot.

The muscular system makes up nearly half the weight of the human body, this is why when we train we sometimes put on weight instead of losing it. We put on muscle weight.

The nervous system is the bodies way of communicating. The brain and body are constantly alive with billions of electrical and chemical signals.

The cardiovascular system is the heart and the bodies blood transporting network of arteries, veins and vessels. The system carries oxygen and vital nutrients to all parts of the body and removes harmful waste products from tissues.

The digestive system works to physically and chemically break down food. Food and fluids are processed by the digestive organs so that nutrients can be absorbed from the intestines and circulated around the body.

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